What is 5G?

Think the internet is fast? It’s about to get a whole lot faster and it will be affecting a lot more than that.


Landmark agreement signed in Paris toward better world.

“The global climate agreement inked in Paris in December could be a game changer for the solar industry and transform the international power landscape. LYS Energy, a Singapore-based Independent Power Producer, hopes to ride this new sustainability wave by providing solar users with everything they need to make the transition.”


We welcome Dr Amir Hajimiragha to BBS family.



1Dr Amir began his career in 1996 as a Research Engineer at the Electric Power Research Center (EPRC), Tehran, Iran, where he researched flicker assessment of alloy steel plants. Between 1998 and 2003, he was employed at Niroo Research Institute (NRI), Tehran where he held various positions, including Research Engineer, Project Manager, Head of Power Plant Electric System Department and Director of Publication mostly in the fields of power quality measurement, energy management, power plants and scientific publishing.


Prior to joining General Electric (GE) in 2010, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Waterloo, Canada where he investigated the grid impacts of fuel cell and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. At GE Digital Energy, Grid Automation in Markham, Ontario, Canada, he worked as an Application Engineer, Lead Application Engineer and finally as Engineering Technical Leader & Microgrid System Architect involved in Research and Development (R&D) as well as New Product/Technology Introduction (NPI/NTI) programs related to microgrids and distribution systems automation.


He is a senior member of the IEEE, a member of the IEEE microgrid control task force and a member of the IEEE 1547 and IEEE 2030.7 working groups. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo, where he supervises graduate students probing the areas of energy hubs, integrated energy systems, hydrogen economy, microgrids, renewable natural gas, alternative-fuel vehicles and process optimization.


Dr Amir received a B.Sc. degree from the K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran; a M.Sc. degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden with a Master Thesis at ETH Zurich, Switzerland; and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in 1995, 2005, and 2010, respectively, all in electrical engineering.

He was the recipient of several national and international awards, including the 2015 IEEE PES Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award (corresponding to Task Force on Microgrid Control), the 2011 Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) International Innovation Award in the category of Built Environment, the 2008 Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS) National Award in the Category of Best Novel Use of Mathematics in Technology Transfer and the 2008 University of Waterloo Exceptional Teaching Award.


As an AMI solution provider company we need to strengthen our expertise in energy management as well as Smart Grid industries to continue staying relevant to our customers’ needs. We are confident that Amir’s vast experience in this area will boost our strengths and help us open more doors in Micro-grid and Smart Grid market in coming months and years.


We welcome Amir as a key member to the BBS family.