Data validation, estimation and editing (VEE) is a process that identifies problematic data that comes from meter data collection systems before they reach other MDMS modules or other utility systems. VEE provides tools for addressing data quality and accuracy issues according to a utility’s specific best practice rules and meter-specific parameters. Each utility and each energy consumer is unique. Having the flexibility to handle data anomalies such as gaps, overlaps and redundancies, as well as tolerance issues between consumption reads and interval data, with a reliable, auditable process is a critical MDM feature catered through the VEE module.

BBS Selcomm™ VEE module provides utilities with the ability to specify validation logic via an integrated calculation engine. When validation fails, the VEE module is configured to execute contingencies, such as automatically estimating the read or passing a “no_read” to produce a failed validation report.

VEE capabilities are critical to ensuring a utility’s business and regulatory process needs are met with a successful AMI deployment. BBS Selcomm™ VEE provides utilities with the ability to create a host of standard parameter-based and user-defined algorithms, with full transparency and reporting on the development of those processes.

Key features :

  • Estimate interval data based on meter readings
  • Split or combine intervals, if required
  • Tag and flag data samples
  • Restore a previous version of the data
  • Add or replace values manually
  • Modify read status
  • Display or edit multiple reads