Selcomm™ MDMS

BBS Selcomm™ MDMS (Meter Data Management System) is a crucial part of the BBS Metator AMI solution, as it is the engine that performs the management of enormous quantities of data delivered by the Head End System (HES) module. These smart meters collect consumption data, events data, power quality data and asset management data that is stored and transmitted to the back end system for processing. The ability to process the highly granular meter data quickly and efficiently is critical to this process.

BBS Selcomm™ MDMS work order management module utility sales process can be distributed across the wider distribution network using the Internet and automated systems. BBS Selcomm™ MDMS implements the customers’ business rules using dynamically loadable components. This architecture caters for the rapid implementation of new business rules as well as allowing custom business rules for different market segments and consumer groups. End-to-end smart metering processes through out-of-the-box interfaces to existing systems reduce integration cost.

Key features:

  • Multi-utility support (power, gas, water, heat, etc.)
  • Processing of time series based on interval data
  • Creation of time series based on meter reads
  • Customer and contract management
  • Support of simple to very complex tariff schemes
  • Important commands (e.g. on demand meter reads, disconnection, load limitation, pre-payment)
  • Metering of consumption and production with flexible hierarchical configuration through sub- and virtual meter functionality
  • Centralised and uniform event and alarm management
  • Plugins for billing and asset management systems
  • Wide range of web services for management, configuration and data import/export