BBS Metator HES is the highly reliable data collection system that connects with the energy meter directly or through a Data Concentrator Unit (DCU). It is highly scalable and demonstrates robust architecture capable of managing big data transmission. The system is powered by the Selcomm™ Big Data Engine and is proven to perform with maximum accuracy based on over 20 years of experience in managing live and near real time data of telecommunication networks. The system enables not only data collection from energy meters, but also operates as an OSS facilitating network management, device management, scheduling and network diagnostics. BBS Metator HES Network/Device Management module maintains a common interface for all other BBS software modules as well as external B2B and M2M systems. The Integration module standardises all data and command feeds to maintain consistency across myriad IP devices.

Key features:

  • Advanced tariffing engine enables easy commercialisation of smart metering data
  • Obtaining meter reads at define interval from meters
  • Obtaining daily register reads from meters
  • Initiating remote meter commands (connect, disconnect, etc.) to meters
  • Synchronising time with meters
  • Reporting real time register reads and events