Selcomm™ BILLING & CRM

The ability to implement complex pricing structures and manage them in a simplified way is crucial to stay ahead in a highly dynamic and evolving energy industry of the future. BBS Selcomm™ energy Billing and CRM enables rapidly implementing exciting new ways to monetise utility products and services. The billing engine is fully integrated with the CRM, providing customer service representatives and other authorised users a comprehensive, secure and relevant view of meter, billing and other transactions, as well as the full life cycle management of utility customer services.

A fast, reliable rating and tariffing system that can process large volumes of small transactions is critical to accurate and timely billing, arguably the most important functions of the utility business, from many angles including revenue, cash flow and customer satisfaction.

BBS Selcomm™ energy Billing and CRM allows all account management and device service requests to be tracked and resolved in a timely manner, critical to customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Complex tasks within Selcomm IoT CRM are automated and simplified, allowing your business to reduce call centre costs and improve customer service. Employ new customer care operators with little or no application training thanks to the user friendly user interfaces in the BBS Selcomm™ energy Billing and CRM, that has evolved over more than 20 years based on first hand feedback of thousands of active users.

Key features:

  • Running multiple bill cycles
  • ToU Billing
  • Schedule cycles and print run
  • E-billing
  • Online payment gateways
  • Secure online customer portal
  • Audit and reporting
  • Collections and recovery tools