Automatic meter reading (AMR) is a technology that automatically collects consumption data from a energy metering device. This data is used for billing purposes; to analyse usage and manage consumption, and to identify or resolve technical problems. AMR systems promote more cognisant electricity usage by revealing exactly how a site is using resources, and where reductions can be made to improve efficiency and lower costs.

BBS offers a long range RF module that will provide up to 1000m line of sight connectivity for 2 way communication between an energy meter and a Hand Held Unit (HHU). This technology is ideal for walk by meter reading and drive by meter reading applications. The RF module is supported with robust HHU hardware and a range of software that makes automated meter reading a walk in the park, enabling utilities to increase the productivity of their field officers and providing accurate data recorded without human interference.

BBS AMR provides practical technology adoption roadmap to utilities through AMR to AMI transition options. It also allows utilities to manage the cost of a sophisticated communication network and a complementing IT infrastructure required to deploy a full AMI system. BBS AMR will provide most of the key functionalities of a typical AMI, without real time communication and execution at a fraction of the cost of an AMI. We see AMR as a first step towards an interconnected Smart Grid for smaller utilities that offers value-added, actionable information to various functions of grid management.

Key features:

  • Automatic collection of data with specified intervals
  • Integration with web self-services as users can view on consumption, billing etc.
  • Load control, Tamper and outage detection
  • On-demand electric meter reading and time of use based meter reading
  •  Reducing manual meter reading costs and effort
  • Accurate billing enables for correct payment
  • Tariff optimization
  • Automatic detection and reporting of power outages and restorations of service