Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems consists of highly complex arrays of electronic/digital hardware and software. These combinations relay, store and allow for sophisticated management of energy meter data measured at intervals with round the clock remote access and control.

AMI usually consists of devices to measure and collect data. They also consist of systems to transmit necessary data and instructions to and from the end node of the electricity distribution network (customer) and utility service provider. This internetworking of smart devices require a seamless architecture that allows for ease of transference with minimal interference while maintaining flexibility for optimization to take effect.

BBS AMI networks are designed to overcome the challenges of deploying a complex data communication network in wide spread harsh environments covered by the electricity grids in Asia, Africa and Middle East. Our energy meters are designed and developed based on most advanced technologies, methodologies and latest requirements determined by the utility industry.

BBS offers a comprehensive range of communication technology options, including RF mesh networks, PLC mesh networks and GPRS/3G M2M networks that may form stand alone or hybrid communication topology to the utility to optimize cost, quality and reliability in their AMI systems.