RF Mesh 433/868 MHz

BBS RFMesh is a wireless self-organizing network consisted of micro-cells; it carries a very strong derivative characteristic and has a full-featured mesh structure. RFMesh has diverse structure, distinctive hierarchy and simple network establishment logic. There is an information collection centre in every cell to form information convergence by utilizing point to multi-point route and mesh network route. Varies geographic areas can be covered seamlessly according to the known Cellular coverage principle. The network can either form a wireless mesh network within a single cell by itself or quickly derivative a network covering a certain area to form Wide Area Network.

BBS RFMesh is consisted of center node named CAC and slave nodes named DAU. CAC starts a cell network establishment, maintains and manages the network. In a CellMesh network, DAU node acts as data access point as well as router. DAU is responsible for data collection, and uploads the data to CAC. Communication distance between CAC and DAU can reach a 2000 meters’ diameter coverage by seven hops relaying, hence to realize 100% collection and full coverage.

There are multiple routes to reach destination, when one route is blocked, a second route will be selected automatically, guaranteeing the net link. Installing and commissioning are very easy since the networking is automatically accomplished and optimized. Large-scale network extension and derivative also become simple. More than 10 million RFMesh communication nodes have been deployed all around the world, including remote metering, data monitoring, smart home, security system, oilfield information collection, street light control and so on.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Routing
  • Self-healing network
  • True wireless, peer-to-peer mesh network
  • Data collectors support up to 2 KM
  • Asynchronous, multi-channel communication structure
  • Extended Reliability and coverage