HHU (Hand Held Unit)

Every electrical measurement point of the power generation, transmission and distribution system requires energy meters to log energy consumption and associated parameters, according to system need. Meter data has to be collected before it can be processed for bill generation, analysis and auditing. Our meter reading services covers the reading of single-phase and three-phase meters using hand-held units (HHUs). Both system and consumer meters can be read by meter readers visiting each site. This service also covers the generation of meter reading data files in standard formats and user-friendly base computer system (BCS) support.

Convenient, efficient and cost effective with a migration path to a networked system, BBS mobile data collection solutions for electricity, gas and water providers improve meter reading operations and offer enhanced data collection capabilities. For utilities looking to read, program and/or service endpoints, our rugged, portable, radio-equipped handhelds are an easy-to-use and affordable solution. It allows field workforces to capture, store and manage deployment data, meter reads and service information from any combination of electricity, gas and water meters.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Shock and weather proof Hand Held Unit
  • Fast easy & secure data transfer
  • Ideal for Walk-by & Drive-by low-cost meter data collection
  • Collects all the data available inside the meter
  • Meter reading services for system (feeder/DT) and consumer meters (HT/LTCT)
  • Minimising meter reading errors through specialised processes, backed by stringent quality checks
  • Support for meter reading using standard Modbus/DLMS protocols
  • Built-in WLAN port to upload data to Control Server database