With the realization of complete, real-time, two-way communications in mind, the connection between consumer and utility is a crucial link that needs to be forged with care. This is the greatest operational challenge faced by utilities in deploying AMI systems. In a cellular dense population with sufficient coverage, AMI communication networks are able to build on current infrastructure of the telecommunication service providers for leverage. The already optimized network infrastructure and embedded technologies will provide reliable and mature communication capability to the AMI system.

High speed 3G wireless networks are widespread around the globe and they are providing exceptional data streaming capabilities. BBS, in order to leverage from this technological advancement is determined to provide a customized 3G wireless communication solution at acquisition cost that is justifiable to the industry. To be ahead of the demand BBS 3G modem that seamlessly integrates with all BBS meters have attracted keen attention among many utilities in our markets. We are determined to reduce the technology acquisition cost of our 3G modems purpose developed for AMI application where it will eliminate majority of the challenges, obstacles and barriers faced by utilities in implementing large scale AMI projects.